Making a flyer is one of the best ways to spread the word about a business, a promotion, sale, or any other website out there. Flyers can make a huge difference in your promotion and it is relatively cheap to produce hundreds of flyers. Depending on your goals you should aim for concise and clean flyers without too many distracting pictures or phrases. The more interesting it is the more likely a person is to hold onto it or spread the word. A successful flyer campaign will need about 500 flyers depending on your target group, and it never hurts to give people extras.

Step 1:

First you should identify what you want to do with your flyer. Is it to promote a sale? A business? A new website? Focus on designing a relevant scheme based on what you are spreading the word about. You will also need to choose a good color and graphic layout for the flyer. Designing the flyer is the number one part of making a good flyer. Design is everything because most people wouldn’t notice a white piece of paper with plain black text. Be creative and let the flyer resemble your business and what you are all about.

Step 2:

Add a headline to your flyer. If you make a flyer with a catchy title, and you will get tons of business! A good phrase sticks in peoples head and makes them remember your company. Even if they never use your service, you will be remembered which promotes the likelihood that they will spread the word about you to someone who CAN use your services. This is another important key – if you can make a lasting impression on at least one person that impression will spread to others.

Step 3:

Simple graphics and photos are great when relevant to the overall theme or goal. If you are promoting a new business a photo and small map of where you find you are two great graphics to use. If you are promoting a game or food then similar artwork is great. Clip art is often used for flyers, but custom graphics reach more people due to the attractive qualities they present to viewers. Making custom graphics isn’t very hard nor expensive.

Step 4:

Prepare and compile everything into an organized and straight to the point format. This will hold the attention of your readers, and make them more likely to come to you for their needs. Less is always more when writing up a flyer, so keep that in mind. You wouldn’t want to read a terribly long flyer, would you? Bullets and subheadings are a great way to see everything quickly and get the information you need – keep that in mind for your readers!

Step 5:

Look for printing or copying companies, or simply print your own flyers if you prefer. Most printers can easily print 500 flyers with a color and black ink combination. This will cost you around $30-$50 on average. Printing through a company may offer you more professional options, which is a good choice for those looking for something more clean designed.

Step 6:

Hand out your flyers! Making a flyer is easy and passing them out is the fun part. Only try to put your flyer in places where someone would be interested. Don’t stick sport related flyers on a really girly car, or hand out flyers to a metal band show to old folks. As always, if someone asks for a flyer then happily give them a few to hand out to others they know. Word of mouth is key for promoting your newly made flyers and getting the word out. The 6th and final step is what will make you or break you.

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